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baby watermelon ~ santa fe, nm ~ august 23, 2011

I am the proud father of a brood of melons! every morning and every afternoon I spend some time with my melon pants, checking for female flowers and, when I find them, pollinating them. this is my firstborn! he’s growing rapidly and thankfully he’s already potty trained. I’ve already counted six other melons hidden among the leaves and vines and there will be many more in the next few weeks! octomom eat your heart out.

new mexico’s backyard garden: an oasis in the desert ~ santa fe, nm

a portrait of our wonderful little garden, including a guest appearance by little white spider! all of this was shot (more…)

summer on granite lake ~ munsonville, nh ~ 20aug10

granite lake is a magical place. about 20 minutes from tim’s hometown of keene, nh, this tiny spot of crystal clear water is the center of a charming cottage community. back in the day, all of the houses (or “camps” as the yankees call them) that edged the lake were seasonal dwellings, to be used only during warm temperatures. now, however, many have been turned into 4-season, year-round homes.

granite lake summer

tim spent much of his childhood splashing, diving and knee-boarding on granite lake. it’s a special place for him and now that i’ve been fortunate enough to spend a full week along its shores, it’s a special place for me too.we barbecued and kayaked and sat silently while the amber light of late summer danced along the edges of waves. we told stories and laughed and took long walks with mazy and her bff, bella. we ate the most delicious local peaches, survived mushroom palouzza 2010, and celebrated tim’s 35th birthday.

near the end of our stay, a cold wind blew through new hampshire, bringing rain and dropping temperatures. in what seemed like just a few hours, summer gave way to autumn.