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santa fe, nm ~ watermelons, disco balls, crystals, gardens, pizza, game night and pita surprise!

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ october 10, 2011…not, as the video says, october 9. day 10 of my daily video journal. another day (more…)

the inside of an heirloom tomato ~ santa fe, nm ~ august 30, 2011

sliced open a ripe tomato this morning and was amazed at how gorgeous it was. I guess they’re right: beauty is on the inside!

purple kohlrabi ~ july 6, 2011

freshly harvested purple kohlrabi. one of tim’s favorite veggies. myself, I am ambivalent. they look cool, but I have not yet found the recipe that brings them to their higher purpose. anyone out there have any kohlrabi recipes they’d like to share?

freshly harvested rainbow chard from the garden ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 11, 2011

when the growing energy starts moving, the garden changes dramatically. these chard were small and struggling with leaf miners a couple of days ago. cut to two days later and they’ve outgrown the miners and are absolutely gorgeous.

how does your garden grow? ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 7, 2011

tim working in the garden. can’t believe how much it’s grown in the past few weeks!

pea tendril takes hold ~ santa fe, nm ~ may 20, 2011

after a somewhat rocky start, the pea plants have finally started to really take off. this is the first plant to find the netting and grab hold. peas should be coming in no time at all.

riding the santa fe bike trail from our house to the garden ~ may 5, 2011

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ on a beautiful spring day, i hop on my bike and ride santa fe’s bike trail from our (more…)