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the inside of an heirloom tomato ~ santa fe, nm ~ august 30, 2011

sliced open a ripe tomato this morning and was amazed at how gorgeous it was. I guess they’re right: beauty is on the inside!

omelet overdose ~ santa fe, nm ~ july 27, 2011


first cherry tomatoes of the season ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 22, 2011

don’t know if it’s the new mexico sun our the perfect placement of the plants, but the tomatoes are ripening up quick. tim ate one and says they’re a little tart, but boy oh boy do they look delicious. too bad this variety, the sunburst, is owned by the evil multinational corporation monsanto. grrrr.

tim returns to pitcher mountain csa ~ stoddard, nh ~ 24aug10


for 6 long, beautiful, intense years, tim was the farmer for pitcher mountain csa. perched on the flank of pitcher mountain in stoddard, nh, the farm was the source of joy and beauty, stress and frustration. i met tim during his last two years of farming there and when i began to go up to visit with and help him out with farm chores, i was overwhelmed by the scope of the endeavor. by the time he left, tim (and a small team of interns) was responsible for starting, planting, growing, nurturing and harvesting about two acres of local, organic vegetables; enough to feed 120 local families.

the decision to leave pmcsa did not come easily for tim. after pouring so much of his soul into this rocky patch of windswept soil, he wasn’t sure what would be left to define him if he gave it up. this cold day in august was the first time tim had returned to pmcsa during harvest season in almost two years. since he left, there have been three other farmers and the scale of the operation has diminished considerably. the dozens of raised beds that he so lovingly crafted have been tilled under, the years of constant weeding have been all but undone. but more important than the changes that have occurred is the simple fact that pitcher mountain csa is still going strong. tim has left a beautiful legacy for his community. i am so proud of what he accomplished on pitcher mountain and what he has accomplished since letting it go.