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southern colorado road trip ~ lizard head pass, co ~ may 27, 2011

wwwtheendlessroadtrip.com ~ on the way from dolores to telluride, we stop off at lizard head pass to check out the (more…)

gigantic dust devils ~ telluride, co ~ may 28, 2011

high winds in a box canyon yield some pretty interesting phenomenae. these dust devils were so huge and powerful that tim literally took off running. they were blowing small pieces of gravel around and ripping tarps off of construction piles. after they passed, this kid rode by on a bicycle and said, “wow, those tornadoes were enormous!” i didn’t say a word, happy to let him think that he had just survived a natural disaster.

riding the gondola to the mountain village ~ telluride, co ~ may 29, 2011

as a dust storm rolls through the san juan mountain range, we ride the gondola back up to the mountain village.