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day 72 ~ wilmington to new bern, nc via emerald island

after a stop in downtown wilmington to meet a dear friend’s mother for the first time, we quit wilmington and head out to emerald island where we check out the ocean and hoop creek and have some bojangles. we end up in new bern, nc, birthplace of pepsi-cola.

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and here is a panorama of downtown new bern, right out front of the pepsi-cola storefront.

wilmington, nc and wrightsville beach ~ southern gorgeousness

it was our first time visiting wilmington, nc and it is quite the charming little southern colonial town. beautiful old buildings, a healthy and vibrant downtown, and a short drive to the ocean. despite staying in a ramada inn set smack dab in the middle of urban sprawl, we enjoyed our time there immensely.

here are a couple of panoramae. the first was made in greenfield park, along the bird thick shores of greenfield lake. we circumnavigated the shores of the lake, crossing paths with joggers, egrets, and the occasional closeted military man out cruising for some hot man-on-man action…i mean, why else would the same guy keep driving past us with no shirt on, staring intently?

the second was made at wrightsville beach just after sunset. even though the sky was darkening, there were still a bunch of surfers frolicking in the water, trying to squeeze the last drops of joy out of the day. there’s some footage of them in the video below…

this audio recording was also made at wrightsville beach:

here are some random photos taken around wilmington and wrightsville beach.

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all of these photos, panoramae and sounds were recorded on december 9, 2011, day 70 of my daily video journal project. here’s what this day’s entry in this infernal project looks like:

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oh yeah! at the end of that video, you see a bunch of people filing into historic thalian hall to watch a community theater production of the sound of music. while video recording and photography during the performance was strictly verboten, i managed to sneak in a little audio recording…i think maria would have appreciated this minor act of rebellion. anyway, here’s a snippet of that performance.

dday 69 ~ leaving raleigh-durham for wilmington, nc

we enjoy the raleigh for a few more hours before heading towards wilmington, nc and the beach. swimming, hot tub, delicious handground hot chocolate, and then a beautiful drive at sunset.

the historical site that tim cannot remember in the above video is the mordecai house. here is a panorama — a cubist panorama at that; check out how the bench turned out — of this historic building. and yes, i discovered that andrew johnson was in fact the president of this country…right after abraham lincoln was murdered.

the chocolate shop in the daily video journal is escazu chocolates, a pretty remarkable artisan chocolate shop with just the most beautiful sweeties. we got a couple of mexican hot chocolates and chatted a bit with the woman working the till:

also appearing in the video journal is the raleigh amtrak station. while tim and i were there, we reminisced about the last time we had been there:

and last but not least, here is an audio recording made at the market restaurant, a cute little bistro serving delicious food made with locally sourced ingredients.

day 56 ~ windy walk, rock garden, mobile, kitty, leftover turkey

the desert in winter ~ santa fe, nm

arroyo at sunset ~ santa fe, nm


museum of indian arts & culture ~ museum hill ~ santa fe, nm

on the eve of a supposed snowmageddon, tim and i took mazy for a walk on museum hill. this is the front facade of the museum of indian arts and culture.

day 39 ~ santa fe, nm ~ doggies, pie crust, studying, full moon, skating

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mazy goes to the dog walk ~ santa fe, nm ~ july 23, 2011


i miss living on the road ~ southern colorado ~ may, 2011

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road trip ~ southern colorado ~ may 25, 2011

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