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southern colorado road trip ~ lizard head pass, co ~ may 27, 2011

wwwtheendlessroadtrip.com ~ on the way from dolores to telluride, we stop off at lizard head pass to check out the (more…)

one of the best places on the planet ~ great sand dunes national park, co ~ june 1, 2011

for three years in a row, without any planning or any real intention, we have found ourselves standing at the foot of the great sand dunes. when we checked the dates, it turns out that all of our visits have happened in june, within a week of each other. it’s almost as if we’re answering some sort of call. anyway. this place is magical, without a doubt. sit on the ever-changing banks of the medano creek, beside the dunes, in the shadow of the sangre de christo mountains, beneath the cloud swept sky, and you catch a glimpse of the secret order of the universe. it’s a place that feeds the soul.

a visit to the durango and silverton narrow gauge railroad museum ~ durango, co ~ may 27, 2011

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ on a beautiful spring day, we visit the charming little town of durango, co. it was the first (more…)

desert wildflower ~ colorado national monument ~ may 31, 2011

another strange and lovely flower that manages to thrive in the colorado desert. walking through the national monument, your mind constantly shifts from the enormous — the incredible geologic formations — and the tiny — these delicate, tenacious flowers. we were lucky to be there to see these blossoms while they were still soaking in the springtime.

independence monument ~ colorado national monument ~ may 31, 2011

desert wild flower ~ colorado national monument ~ may 31, 2011

an indian paintbrush, in all of its vivid, hairy glory, blooms in the desert outside grand junction, co.

the san miguel river ~ dolores canyon, co ~ may 30, 2011

we stopped to take a look at the ruins of the hanging flume on the drive from telluride to grand junction on co-141. dolores canyon, the afternoon sunlight, and the river silken with melt water put on quite a show for us!

gigantic dust devils ~ telluride, co ~ may 28, 2011

high winds in a box canyon yield some pretty interesting phenomenae. these dust devils were so huge and powerful that tim literally took off running. they were blowing small pieces of gravel around and ripping tarps off of construction piles. after they passed, this kid rode by on a bicycle and said, “wow, those tornadoes were enormous!” i didn’t say a word, happy to let him think that he had just survived a natural disaster.

visiting the hot springs ~ pagosa springs, co ~ may 26, 2011

on the way to telluride, co for the memorial day weekend, we stopped off and spent a couple of nights at pagosa springs, co. it’s a picturesque little town in southern colorado and home to one of the biggest and best hot springs facilities around. rumor has it that even oprah and gail have stopped in for a visit.

cloud stuck in the branches of a tree ~ durango, co ~ may 27, 2011

memorial day weekend begins!