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day 46 ~ santa fe, nm ~ yoga, kokopelli, snowy on the mountain

htp://www.theendlessroadtip.com ~ day 46 of my year long daily video project and yes we’re still in santa fe. let’s see, (more…)

day 36 ~ santa fe, nm ~ snow, sun, wind, banh mi, sausages

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 36 of my year long daily video journal finds us in santa fe on a snowy, rainy, (more…)

one of the best places on the planet ~ great sand dunes national park, co ~ june 1, 2011

for three years in a row, without any planning or any real intention, we have found ourselves standing at the foot of the great sand dunes. when we checked the dates, it turns out that all of our visits have happened in june, within a week of each other. it’s almost as if we’re answering some sort of call. anyway. this place is magical, without a doubt. sit on the ever-changing banks of the medano creek, beside the dunes, in the shadow of the sangre de christo mountains, beneath the cloud swept sky, and you catch a glimpse of the secret order of the universe. it’s a place that feeds the soul.

sunset in the san juans ~ telluride, co ~ may 29, 2011

the peaks of the rockies are still packed with snow at the end of may!

riding the gondola to the mountain village ~ telluride, co ~ may 29, 2011

as a dust storm rolls through the san juan mountain range, we ride the gondola back up to the mountain village.