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Valles Caldera ~ Jemez Mountains, NM


Valles Caldera (or Jemez Caldera) is a 12 mile wide volcanic caldera in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico. It is one of only six known land-based supervolcanoes. — Wikipedia.org

{wildflowers along the base of cerro la jara}

{new mexico sky}

{view to the northwest across the pond}

{view north across the pond}

{view north across the pond}

{view across the caldera}


{miniature forest}

{western slope of cerro la jara}

{view south along cerro la jara}

{sun on caldera floor}


iPhone app of the day: Phototropedelic

phototropedelic is a simple app that does one thing really well. it takes blah, uninteresting photographs and turns them into something else entirely; something magical even.

honestly, the results are so well executed, totally pretty and aesthetically consistent that using this app feels a little bit like cheating.

from boring…

to fantastilicious!…

from blah…

to sparklerific!!!

I would like it more if it was capable of saving high resolution images, but oh well. for $.99 it does plenty.

petunias ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 25, 2011

these flowers share a large pot with daisies, snapdragons, lobelia, and dahlia. every morning I check these flowers, deadheading the faded blossoms and marveling at the tiny changes each new day brings. ants make their home in the humid shade of their leaves. occasional ladybugs appear.

peach harmony daisies ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 19, 2011

one of the nice things about having a “permanent” place to live is having the time and space for flower planters. these happy flowers are sitting beside my front walk, enjoying the shade of a big old tree.

one of the best places on the planet ~ great sand dunes national park, co ~ june 1, 2011

for three years in a row, without any planning or any real intention, we have found ourselves standing at the foot of the great sand dunes. when we checked the dates, it turns out that all of our visits have happened in june, within a week of each other. it’s almost as if we’re answering some sort of call. anyway. this place is magical, without a doubt. sit on the ever-changing banks of the medano creek, beside the dunes, in the shadow of the sangre de christo mountains, beneath the cloud swept sky, and you catch a glimpse of the secret order of the universe. it’s a place that feeds the soul.

desert wildflower ~ colorado national monument ~ may 31, 2011

another strange and lovely flower that manages to thrive in the colorado desert. walking through the national monument, your mind constantly shifts from the enormous — the incredible geologic formations — and the tiny — these delicate, tenacious flowers. we were lucky to be there to see these blossoms while they were still soaking in the springtime.

desert wildflower ~ colorado national monument ~ may 31, 2011

spring has made it to colorado’s desert and the stark, majestic landscape is dotted with color. these little yellow flowers were everywhere!

sunset in the san juans ~ telluride, co ~ may 29, 2011

the peaks of the rockies are still packed with snow at the end of may!

echo ampitheater ~ northern new mexico ~ may 25, 2011

on the way up to pagosa springs, co, we stopped for a quick, late afternoon hike at echo ampitheater. as always, the light, the sky and the earth were spectacular…acular…cular..lar…

road tripping the color wave ~ new england to north carolina ~ autumn 2010


although tim and i had gotten pretty good at cold-weather camping and the temperatures in new england weren’t too difficult to deal with, it was clear that summer had relinquished its hold on the landscape. the leaves, once merely edged in gold and crimson, were becoming prisms; shards of color. we began our journey south, attempting to stay ahead of winter’s hem.

and like a slow wave of transformation, the foliage followed us. for what felt like months, we drove through, hiked amongst, and camped in peak fall foliage. from acadia national forest to the loblolly stands of north carolina, we were caught in the swirl of nature’s kaleidoscope.

what follows are a series of quicktime virtual reality files. how they work is this: click on the empty square and an image will load. once it appears, click and drag on the image to rotate through a full 360-degrees. if you would like to zoom in to check out a detail (tim brushing his teeth, or a partially obscured sign, for example) click the + and – buttons which appear on the bottom of the image.

1. baystate village, ma ~ this beautiful backyard belongs to two of my closest friends, brooksley and ezra. we’ve been lucky enough to crash here several times on the endless road trip and it’s always a wonderful time.

2. atlantic oaks campground, eastham ma ~ we camped out at this campground just before it closed for the season. it was almost completely abandoned, and our campfire felt like the only one for miles.

3. dingmans falls, delaware water gap recreation area ~ we stumbled across this beautiful hike almost by accident. how could we resist the pull of a place called dingmans falls?

4. harpers ferry national historic park, harpers ferry wv ~ tim and spent our 5th anniversary here. it was chilly, rainy and gray, but we still had a great (and very educational) time.

5. bears den hostel, bluemont va ~ we were lucky enough to find this remarkably charming hostel on a night that was too cold for camping. definitely one of the best hostels i’ve ever been to.

6. fort raleigh national historic site, manteo nc ~ got another national park passport stamp here and wandered around the grounds. next time, i want to see a performance of the lost colony, the nation’s premier and longest-running symphonic drama!

7. the elizabethan gardens, manteo nc ~ right next door to fort raleigh, this is a most beautiful formal garden. it’s just gorgeous here.

8. jones lake state park, elizabethtown nc ~ another happy accident brought us to the shores of jones lake. we spent several days and nights here, the only campers in an expansive and luxurious campground.

9. morrow mountain state park, albemarle nc ~ gosh, just another gorgeous campground we stayed at. the place was simply teeming with deer. we ate many meals surrounded by wandering herds of these usually timid beasts. the tourists insisted upon feeding them, which seemed like a terrible idea to me. cut it out, people!

beaver pond/peak foliage