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the inside of an heirloom tomato ~ santa fe, nm ~ august 30, 2011

sliced open a ripe tomato this morning and was amazed at how gorgeous it was. I guess they’re right: beauty is on the inside!

my amazing fast-growing watermelon baby

neither tim nor i have ever grown melons before. pitcher mountain — site of tim’s old CSA — is too high and the season is too short for this delicious fruit and so tim never tried to grow it. and me? well, i’ve just been too lazy and uninspired.

no longer! in our front yard, we have 5 containers spilling over with melon vines. we’re growing three varieties of heirloom watermelons, a couple of muskmelons and a couple of sun and moon watermelons. every morning and every afternoon i scrutinize the plants, checking for female flowers (the ones with the miniature fruits at the base). when i find them, i take a cotton swab and do my best to fertilize them with the pollen of a male flower.

when this process is successful, you get what you see here: an amazingly fast-growing fruit that doubles in size over the course of three days! this is my firstborn baby watermelon, his name is filechista khakcencio (it’s a long story and it involves facebook, so i’ll just leave it at that), and i love he.

i could and will just eat him up!

baby watermelon ~ santa fe, nm ~ august 23, 2011

I am the proud father of a brood of melons! every morning and every afternoon I spend some time with my melon pants, checking for female flowers and, when I find them, pollinating them. this is my firstborn! he’s growing rapidly and thankfully he’s already potty trained. I’ve already counted six other melons hidden among the leaves and vines and there will be many more in the next few weeks! octomom eat your heart out.

omelet overdose ~ santa fe, nm ~ july 27, 2011


harvest bounty ~ santa fe, nm ~ july 21, 2011

today’s haul: purple beans, green brands, broccoli shoots, beets, turnips, scallions, chard, kale, and collards. freshest stir fry ever tonight.

watermelon transplants!

we’ve got big plans for this little plant, so make sure to send it some good vibes.

purple kohlrabi ~ july 6, 2011

freshly harvested purple kohlrabi. one of tim’s favorite veggies. myself, I am ambivalent. they look cool, but I have not yet found the recipe that brings them to their higher purpose. anyone out there have any kohlrabi recipes they’d like to share?

first cherry tomatoes of the season ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 22, 2011

don’t know if it’s the new mexico sun our the perfect placement of the plants, but the tomatoes are ripening up quick. tim ate one and says they’re a little tart, but boy oh boy do they look delicious. too bad this variety, the sunburst, is owned by the evil multinational corporation monsanto. grrrr.

freshly harvested rainbow chard from the garden ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 11, 2011

when the growing energy starts moving, the garden changes dramatically. these chard were small and struggling with leaf miners a couple of days ago. cut to two days later and they’ve outgrown the miners and are absolutely gorgeous.

how does your garden grow? ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 7, 2011

tim working in the garden. can’t believe how much it’s grown in the past few weeks!