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the praying mantis that flew into our bedroom ~ santa fe, nm ~ september 1, 2011

what a strange mechanism.

the praying mantis that flew into our bedroom ~ santa fe, nm ~ september 1, 2011

what a strange mechanism.

spanish revival train depot ~ las vegas, nm ~ july 17, 2011

las vegas, nm used to be one of the most important train hubs in the american west. built by money from railroads and mines, this once magnificent town has since fallen on hard times. the old harvey house still stands, although abandoned and somewhat derelict, but the charming depot — a wonderful example of spanish revival architecture — is still active!

thunderstorms over los alamos and the las conchas fire ~ santa fe, nm ~ july 11, 2011

for weeks, a smoke plume has been hanging over los alamos, nm. today is the first day that it hasn’t been clearly visible, obscured (thank thor) by a massive thunderhead. hooray! let’s hope for lots of rain and no lightning strikes.

watermelon transplants!

we’ve got big plans for this little plant, so make sure to send it some good vibes.

southern colorado road trip ~ lizard head pass, co ~ may 27, 2011

wwwtheendlessroadtrip.com ~ on the way from dolores to telluride, we stop off at lizard head pass to check out the (more…)

road tripping southern colorado ~ dolores, co ~ may 27, 2011

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ on a short road trip from santa fe, nm to telluride, co, we make a pit stop in (more…)

purple kohlrabi ~ july 6, 2011

freshly harvested purple kohlrabi. one of tim’s favorite veggies. myself, I am ambivalent. they look cool, but I have not yet found the recipe that brings them to their higher purpose. anyone out there have any kohlrabi recipes they’d like to share?

ginger chiffon cupcakes with butter cream frosting ~ july 3, 2011

if we were lucky, our childhood birthdays were not marked by parties or presents, but by my auntie nanay’s chiffon cake and butter cream frosting. sometimes my mom made it, sometimes my auntie made it, but regardless, it is one of my fondest memories of childhood. these cupcakes are a departure from that classic recipe in that a) they are cupcakes and b) they are ginger chiffon instead of vanilla. if they are one-tenth as good as my memories, I will count that as an unqualified success.

first slice of pie ~ july 1, 2011

willpower lasted til about 3:20. and then boom!

coconut cream pie! ~ july 1, 2011

had an extra pie crust lying around, so I decided to make a coconut cream and white chocolate pie. and as if in gratitude, the universe made it rain for the first time in months.