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still more mazy

my GIRL!


day 39 ~ santa fe, nm ~ doggies, pie crust, studying, full moon, skating

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 39 of my year long daily video journal finds us in santa fe. mazy gets her morning (more…)

mazy climbs mt. atalaya ~ santa fe, nm ~ august 14, 2011

we took a sunset hike up atalaya. mazy’s pretty old for a dog, maybe 13 even, and there are times when it seems like she might be showing her age. put her on a hiking trail, though, and it’s clear that she is still in her prime. she trotted right up the mountain, lickety-split, while tim and adam and I huffed and puffed and paused to catch our breath. this picture was taken at the top of the trail, and she looks as happy and peaceful as ever. I love this dog!

demanding mazy ~ august 7, 2011 ~ santa fe, nm

mazy wants that treat and she wants it now!

demanding mazy ~ august 7, 2011 ~ santa fe, nm

mazy wants that treat and she wants it now!

southern colorado road trip ~ lizard head pass, co ~ may 27, 2011

wwwtheendlessroadtrip.com ~ on the way from dolores to telluride, we stop off at lizard head pass to check out the (more…)

mazy’s haircut makes her head look huge! ~ june 22, 2011

it really is shocking how much difference a haircut makes. every time I catch a glimpse of mazy, a part of me has to do a double take, checking to see if my eyes are playing tricks on me. in this photo, she has the same bodily proportions as scrappy doo!

the happiest dog in the world visits pagosa springs, co ~ may 26, 2011

mazy loves being back on the road just as much as we do. just look at that smile!

tragedy and comedy, doggy-style ~ maddie and mazy, may 7, 2011

who says dogs can’t smile…or grimace, for that matter. on the right, of course, is mazy. the very concerned creature on the left is maddy, the wiggly dog from next door. i’m not sure what they’re reacting to, but they obviously have very different opinions.