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Putting it in Drive ~ Santa Fe, NM to Boise City, OK

After two years of sitting still in Santa Fe, The Endless Roadtrip is once again in full time travel mode. The reality of this situation has not hit home quite yet. It has only been a few hours since we said our last goodbyes, gave our last hugs, and headed northeast, towards the panhandle of Oklahoma.

On our way, we crossed paths with Amtrak's Southwest Chief in Las Vegas, NM. Despite the frigid winds, Tim hopped out of the truck to take some pictures. I, of course, stayed warm and toasty in the truck, communing with my phone.
We drove on through a landscape painted in gold and lavender. Clouds clung to the mountains. Road signs flashed in the setting sun, shivering in the wind. New Mexico holding nothing back; a crisp winter day tilting into one last majestic sunset. We stared in awe, occasionally pointing out a herd of antelope, a lonely tree high on a curved ridge, a distant mountain.
Eventually we caught up with the a Southwest Chief as it it barreled its way towards Chicago. Set against the vast expanse of the high plains, it looked insignificant. Tons of steel singing against railroad tracks reduced to a child's toy.
Everything seems magical when you're on the road. The shifting landscape tells you its secrets. The world is thick with meaning. What is life if not possibility and freedom?


Valles Caldera ~ Jemez Mountains, NM


Valles Caldera (or Jemez Caldera) is a 12 mile wide volcanic caldera in the Jemez Mountains of northern New Mexico. It is one of only six known land-based supervolcanoes. — Wikipedia.org

{wildflowers along the base of cerro la jara}

{new mexico sky}

{view to the northwest across the pond}

{view north across the pond}

{view north across the pond}

{view across the caldera}


{miniature forest}

{western slope of cerro la jara}

{view south along cerro la jara}

{sun on caldera floor}


rio chama rv park, cumbres and toltec narrow gauge railroad ~ chama, nm ~ october 3, 2011

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 3 of my year-long daily video journal. here, we find ourselves enjoying the many wonders that a (more…)

demanding mazy ~ august 7, 2011 ~ santa fe, nm

mazy wants that treat and she wants it now!

southern colorado road trip ~ lizard head pass, co ~ may 27, 2011

wwwtheendlessroadtrip.com ~ on the way from dolores to telluride, we stop off at lizard head pass to check out the (more…)

the muddy rio grande ~ albuequerque, nm ~ june 14, 2011

taken from one of albuquerque’s many bike paths, this one traversing the rio grande alongside I-40. the sandia mountains can be seen in the distance.

aspen grove ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 8, 2011

for the past week or so, the skies above new mexico have been downright apocalyptic. the smoke from the arizona wildfires (fucking arizona) has obscured the sun, painted the moon red, and caused people to start wearing surgical masks. so last week we drive into the mountains and took a hike, searching for blue skies and clear air. after the smokey, orange haze that has been blanketing the city, this aspen grove was like something out of a dream.

one of the best places on the planet ~ great sand dunes national park, co ~ june 1, 2011

for three years in a row, without any planning or any real intention, we have found ourselves standing at the foot of the great sand dunes. when we checked the dates, it turns out that all of our visits have happened in june, within a week of each other. it’s almost as if we’re answering some sort of call. anyway. this place is magical, without a doubt. sit on the ever-changing banks of the medano creek, beside the dunes, in the shadow of the sangre de christo mountains, beneath the cloud swept sky, and you catch a glimpse of the secret order of the universe. it’s a place that feeds the soul.

sunset in the san juans ~ telluride, co ~ may 29, 2011

the peaks of the rockies are still packed with snow at the end of may!

gigantic dust devils ~ telluride, co ~ may 28, 2011

high winds in a box canyon yield some pretty interesting phenomenae. these dust devils were so huge and powerful that tim literally took off running. they were blowing small pieces of gravel around and ripping tarps off of construction piles. after they passed, this kid rode by on a bicycle and said, “wow, those tornadoes were enormous!” i didn’t say a word, happy to let him think that he had just survived a natural disaster.