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day 52 ~ santa fe, nm ~ lazy may, windy day, bolillo, danci

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 52 of my year long daily video journal finds me playing with my new toy, the contour (more…)

still more mazy

my GIRL!



more mazy

you can never have enough pictures of Mazy. 20111130-220235.jpg

day 46 ~ santa fe, nm ~ yoga, kokopelli, snowy on the mountain

htp://www.theendlessroadtip.com ~ day 46 of my year long daily video project and yes we’re still in santa fe. let’s see, (more…)

day 43 ~ santa fe, nm ~ bolillo rolls, mazy plays, cha cha frenzy

www.thendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 43 of my year long daily video journal finds me in good ol’ santa fe. another day, (more…)

day 40 ~ santa fe, nm ~ mazy loves barbie, more bolillo rolls, holiday hysteria

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ the other day, we found a barbie doll’s head lying on the street in front of our house. (more…)

day 39 ~ santa fe, nm ~ doggies, pie crust, studying, full moon, skating

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 39 of my year long daily video journal finds us in santa fe. mazy gets her morning (more…)

santa fe, nm ~ watermelons, disco balls, crystals, gardens, pizza, game night and pita surprise!

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ october 10, 2011…not, as the video says, october 9. day 10 of my daily video journal. another day (more…)

santa fe, nm ~ pancakes, donuts, muzzles, outhouses, labyri

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ october 8, 2011. day 8 of my year long daily video journal. another beautiful day spent exploring with (more…)

back in santa fe ~ making up with mazy, harvest time, and c

http//www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ mazy finally stops giving us the cold shoulder. we get our new mexico license plate. harvest time at (more…)