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valley of the gods, moki dugway, devil’s canyon campground ~ utah ~ october 1, 2011

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day one of a proposed 1-year long video journal project. here, we visit some of utah’s stark and (more…)

independence monument ~ colorado national monument ~ may 31, 2011

colorado national monument ~ grand junction, co ~ may 31, 2011

the majestic landscape of the american southwest.

the san miguel river ~ dolores canyon, co ~ may 30, 2011

we stopped to take a look at the ruins of the hanging flume on the drive from telluride to grand junction on co-141. dolores canyon, the afternoon sunlight, and the river silken with melt water put on quite a show for us!

echo ampitheater ~ northern new mexico ~ may 25, 2011

on the way up to pagosa springs, co, we stopped for a quick, late afternoon hike at echo ampitheater. as always, the light, the sky and the earth were spectacular…acular…cular..lar…