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Tim and the magic chicken wing

good going in and going out.

day 40 ~ santa fe, nm ~ mazy loves barbie, more bolillo rolls, holiday hysteria

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ the other day, we found a barbie doll’s head lying on the street in front of our house. (more…)

awkward moments in television ~ august 2011

i don’t own a television and the only time i ever watch broadcast tv is when i’m in a hotel. (more…)

mazy’s haircut makes her head look huge! ~ june 22, 2011

it really is shocking how much difference a haircut makes. every time I catch a glimpse of mazy, a part of me has to do a double take, checking to see if my eyes are playing tricks on me. in this photo, she has the same bodily proportions as scrappy doo!