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Putting it in Drive ~ Santa Fe, NM to Boise City, OK

After two years of sitting still in Santa Fe, The Endless Roadtrip is once again in full time travel mode. The reality of this situation has not hit home quite yet. It has only been a few hours since we said our last goodbyes, gave our last hugs, and headed northeast, towards the panhandle of Oklahoma.

On our way, we crossed paths with Amtrak's Southwest Chief in Las Vegas, NM. Despite the frigid winds, Tim hopped out of the truck to take some pictures. I, of course, stayed warm and toasty in the truck, communing with my phone.
We drove on through a landscape painted in gold and lavender. Clouds clung to the mountains. Road signs flashed in the setting sun, shivering in the wind. New Mexico holding nothing back; a crisp winter day tilting into one last majestic sunset. We stared in awe, occasionally pointing out a herd of antelope, a lonely tree high on a curved ridge, a distant mountain.
Eventually we caught up with the a Southwest Chief as it it barreled its way towards Chicago. Set against the vast expanse of the high plains, it looked insignificant. Tons of steel singing against railroad tracks reduced to a child's toy.
Everything seems magical when you're on the road. The shifting landscape tells you its secrets. The world is thick with meaning. What is life if not possibility and freedom?


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the praying mantis that flew into our bedroom ~ santa fe, nm ~ september 1, 2011

what a strange mechanism.

the praying mantis that flew into our bedroom ~ santa fe, nm ~ september 1, 2011

what a strange mechanism.

mazy goes to the dog walk ~ santa fe, nm ~ july 23, 2011


how does your garden grow? ~ santa fe, nm ~ june 7, 2011

tim working in the garden. can’t believe how much it’s grown in the past few weeks!

desert wildflower ~ colorado national monument ~ may 31, 2011

another strange and lovely flower that manages to thrive in the colorado desert. walking through the national monument, your mind constantly shifts from the enormous — the incredible geologic formations — and the tiny — these delicate, tenacious flowers. we were lucky to be there to see these blossoms while they were still soaking in the springtime.