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day 22 ~ seattle, wa to portland, or ~ amtrak history, rainy downtown, fishmongers, fancy uniforms

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 23 of my year long daily video project finds us in the pacific northwest. we woke in (more…)

day 19 ~ whitefish, mt to essex, mt ~ magical landscapes, railfan xanadu, honeymoon caboose

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 19 of my yearlong daily video journal. woke up in whitefish and fell asleep in essex. in (more…)

the portuguese vocabulary builder ~ lessons in basic brasilian portuguese


when i first moved to brasil, i always found myself confused by the millions of ways that brasilians greet each other. i remember one particular moment when an acquaintance walked up to me and began a conversation with “e ai grande?” loosely, this translates to, “what’s up big guy?” but for some unknowable reason i interpreted it as “and the church?” the two of us stared at each other in confusion for a good long while, trying to figure out where to go from there.

anyway, here’s the next installation of the portuguese vocabulary builder. it utilizes the nouns presented in lesson one and lesson two, so you might want to go back and review.

next time, we’ll learn some new nouns and if i can figure out a good approach, perhaps i’ll start conjugating some verbs…yikes!

Portuguese Vocabulary Builder, Level 2


here’s the second installation of the portuguese vocabulary builder. using the nouns utilized in level 1, we begin looking at the use of adjectives in brasilian portuguese.

tim has given me some feedback, so the audio clips will be more user-friendly in upcoming episodes. he’s doing great, mostly due to the pimsleur brasilian portuguese cds he’s been listening to, but the PVB takes majority credit for his utterance, “a cachorra não fala português.”