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day 47 ~ santa fe, nm ~ breakfast, orchid, long walk, occupy santa fe

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 47 and yes, still santa fe. i’ve gotta get out of town (or at least out of (more…)

day 38 ~ santa fe, nm ~ the house that never stops eating, house hunting blues

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 38 of my year long daily video journal finds us eating and eating in santa fe, nm. (more…)

day 32 ~ winston-salem & greensboro ~ comfort food, autumn

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 32 of my year long daily video journal finds me in north carolina!

santa fe, nm ~ pancakes, donuts, muzzles, outhouses, labyri

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ october 8, 2011. day 8 of my year long daily video journal. another beautiful day spent exploring with (more…)

ojo caliente, nm to taos, nm and back ~ october 5, 2011

www.theendlessroadtrip.com ~ day 5 of a year-long daily video journal. we start off at the inn at ojo bed and (more…)

omelet overdose ~ santa fe, nm ~ july 27, 2011


happy friday! ~ omelet with broccoli, mushrooms, olives, sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar cheese ~ may 6, 2011

what with tim’s new work and class schedule, we rarely have breakfast together anymore. today is one of those few lazy mornings where we can both kick back, relax, and enjoy each other’s company over breakfast. tim requested my nationally renowned omelettes and so I whipped this up with odds and ends from the refrigerator. the secret: only two eggs. i’ve got a couple of secrets i’m keeping up my sleeve, so if you want to know, you’ll have to swing on by so I can show you live and in person.

campground cookery! ~ the best pancakes and eggs ever ~ 22sep10


the endless road trip isn’t all applesauce and roses. there are moments — days even — when all i want is a sink in which i might leave my dirty dishes and a clean bathroom in which i might take a hot shower. why, just a few weeks ago, in the middle of the night, mazy threw up in the tent, not once, but three, count-em three times. and while i can complain about how annoying it might be to do dishes or do without a bath or sleep in a tent that smells like dog barf, there’s not much i can do but deal with it.

one of the things that makes the vagaries of life on the road more bearable is a good, home-cooked meal. cleaning up dog vomit in the middle of the night is terrible; cleaning up dog vomit in the middle of the night after you’ve had a delicious meal is still terrible, but it’s not as terrible as doing it on an empty stomach. or on a stomach filled with schwazzy food.

this is why, whenever we can, tim and i make the time to make good food for ourselves. there’s an awful lot that we do without (sinks and showers are at the top of a very long list), but one of the things that we absolutely do NOT do without is tasty food. i’ve learned how to make a lot of my favorite dishes using nothing but a whisperlite camp stove and, occasionally, an open fire. it takes a little adaptability and ingenuity, but in the end, the effort is worth it. when you don’t have a lot of comfort, comfort food goes a long, long way.

here’s the first in what may become a series of cooking videos. in it, i make one of our recurring campground breakfasts: spelt/yogurt (in this case, spelt/kefir) pancakes and scrambled eggs with extra sharp cheddar cheese chunks. if that sounds good, well rest assured that it is. this is, without a doubt, the best pancake recipe that i’ve come across and it’s easy to make in the most inhospitable of circumstances. i hope you give it it a try. they might not taste as good as they do after a cold, rainy night spent huddled in a tent on the flank of the white mountains, but i’m willing to bet you’ll still love them. bom apetite!

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