marry the night v. muskrat love … honestly, i don’t think anybody’s going to be talking about “marry the night” in 40 years. toni tenille vs. lady gaga by the endless roadtrip

the same new year’s eve party that you went to, only in santa fe. yup, the “porn name” game made its usual sordid appearance. the same new year’s eve party you went to, only in santa fe by the endless roadtrip

sometimes you find the darndest things at thrift stores.
the ultimate thrift store find: used lounge singer by the endless roadtrip

christmas parties start out like this…and then end up like this…
christmas party before and after by the endless roadtrip

santa fe’s dog owners are not the most responsible or caring. i’m not talking about YOU of course, i’m talking about the assholes who own these poor things.
neighborhood dogs by the endless roadtrip

every christmas eve, throngs of tourists head to canyon road and acequia madre to watch farolitos float into the sky and set fires in the middle of the street.
christmas eve on caynon road by the endless roadtrip

i’ve been working on making some music to use as soundtracks for my daily video entries. here is my first attempt:
Pilo Polo by the endless roadtrip